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What is InFIX?

InFIX is a FIX Protocol Message transformer and a powerful tool that allows financial trading applications to transform FIX messages between trading venues by applying rules defined in an easy to use text language.

InFIX allows FIX connectivity hubs, trading systems, and exchanges to define sets of field and message translations outside of application code and apply them at runtime. Because data and rules are independent, applications can define new rules dynamically and apply them without a code release.

InFIX greatly reduces the number of code releases needed when on-boarding new FIX clients, reduces the on-boarding time considerably and allows support personnel to establish connectivity with diverse requirements without developer involvement.

InFIX at a Glance

We are convinced that InFIX is the best tool available to reduce development costs and time spent onboarding new FIX clients. Yet we are far from done. Learn about features in InFIX including:

  • Field Assignments
  • Expressions
  • Unary Operations
  • Boolean and Conditional Operations
  • FIX Rules Engine
  • Field Templates
  • User Defined Behavior

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